About Us

Offershop18 is leading online marketplace for Buyers and Sellers. offering various shopping options to customers and comprehensive solutions to sellers and businesses through its wide array of online services.

Why us

Offershop18 connected with many number of Indian Companies, Suppliers as well as sellers under wide range of Product categories and sub-categories. Most efficient and effective platform to generates sales of your products to highly targeted audience of buyers. Our B2C portal is specially designed to assist buyers to locate only indian sellers and suppliers. Growing rapidly in terms of site traffic ( visitors, searches, sign up, etc.)

Our Mission

We Succeed only When our Customers Satisfied

We support "आत्मनिर्भर भारत". Our Mission is to provide indian products to customers so that Indian businesses can grow in
all directions by providing sellers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping
buyers to find Indian products quickly and efficiently.

Offershop18 for Buyers

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We are always looking for passionate team mates to join us in our mission.


Our Team

All of our team members are adept in the respective fields and keep themselves updated with the latest market trend. Be it the designing and development, marketing or the management team, each member is dedicated towards the complete satisfaction of the buyers and the suppliers and solve their issues as fast as possible.